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Dress Code

In the Clubhouse

  • Smart casual dress is acceptable at all times and in all areas, except on the following days:
    Captain’s, President’s, Ladies’ Captain, and the Major prize presentation evening, when lounge type jacket and ties and appropriate dress for Ladies must be worn in the Main Lounge.
  • Outdoor clothing i.e. (or similar) leather jackets, golf waterproof jackets, and headgear of any type are not acceptable in the Main Lounge, Dining Room or the area of the Office.  Smart Denim wear, but not distressed/ripped, is acceptable in the clubhouse.
  • Work clothing, tracksuits, and shell suits are not allowed.
  • Golf shoes must not be worn in the main lounge, small lounge, games room and main reception area.
  • On social occasions, when smart casual dress is permitted, the correct type of shirt worn by gentlemen need not be tucked into trousers, training shoes may also be worn.

On the Course

  • All shirts must have collars and sleeves and must be tucked into trousers or shorts. Ladies may wear tops with collars and no sleeves.
  • Shirts bearing advertising motifs, slogans or illustrations are not allowed. Crew necks, t-shirts, football/rugby jerseys, cargo pants, denim or other types of jeans, or any other denim wear are also not allowed. A golf manufacturer’s logo is acceptable.
  • The wearing of trousers tucked into any type of sock, unless they are specifically designed for the purpose, (e.g.: Plus 2s/4s), is not acceptable.
  • Tracksuits, shell suits or trousers with elastic bottoms are also not acceptable wear.
  • Shorts, if worn, must be tailored and knee length. Accompanying these shorts, knee length socks are standard but sports socks (white, unless part of a matching outfit) and trainer socks are acceptable.
  • Golf shoes must be worn, other forms of footwear are not acceptable.
  • Headgear is expected to be of a traditional type associated with the game of golf. If a peak cap is worn, the peak must point forward.
  • In all matters relating to dress the Board of Directors interpretation of acceptable wear is final.
  • The Professional and all Golf Club staff have been instructed to refuse any and all services to anyone contravening these rules.