Work on the greens, September

The heavy and intensive work on the greens has now been completed.
This week we have carried out our deep decompaction relief with 19mm tines used to a depth of 9 inches, 10 degrees of heave was used. The weather was not all that great even though it was dry during the working days on Monday and Tuesday. The damp ground and morning fog caused more problems as the sand did not dry once on the ground.

The topdresssing has been completed and brushed in, once we have had some more rain to help wash the sand down we will look at dressing any greens with remaining holes. At the moment we have used around 66 tonnes of sand with 30 still in the bay to be used as needed over the next few weeks.
Any areas of damage to the greens and surrounds is being repaired now that the seed can germinate without being lifted out with other work. We are now hoping for some good growing weather to help the greens recover before the winter and the grass growth really starts to slow down.
I thank you all for your understanding and patience whilst we carried out the work and now hopefully we can have little or no disruption for the rest of the year.

Work on the greens

I can now confirm that the deep compaction relief work will be carried out on Monday 18th September. This work will then be followed up with topdressing with straight medium/fine sand. We will be trying to fill all remaining holes on the greens by using the sweep and fill brush and the vibrating rollers. The use of the rollers will also help to get the greens true again after all the work that has been done in the last week. If the weather holds out for us this work will be completed by Tuesday afternoon. 

Once this work has then been completed all of the major work on the greens will be done. During the winter we will just keep aerating the greens with regular spiking.

Junior’s & Minor’s Presentation Evening

Juniors & Minors Presentation Evening
Tuesday 10th October 2017 at 8.00p.m.

Dear Junior/Minor Member & Parents,
Our Junior/Minor Presentation evening this year is to be held on Tuesday 10th October with an 8.00pm start. It would be wonderful to see you and your families attend the presentation of your trophies, vouchers and medals. It will allow our younger members to see what can be gained by practicing their golf over the winter months. I am sure in the next year or so many of our younger members will be collecting some of the top prizes as their golf improves because we have some very good prospects who could become very good golfers in the near future.
Our club rule for this type of evening has always been that all Junior Members wear jacket & tie. The rule has not been changed officially but I have allowed members who don’t possess a jacket to wear shirt & tie as I understand that many young people do not have reason to wear jackets in this day and age.
It’s always nice to see the mums, dads, brothers & sisters and other family members come along, they will be very welcome. Just one thing jeans are not allowed in the clubhouse.
As it has always been the case Junior Members who have entered our competitions throughout the year are invited to have a meal together with the Captain and Lady Captain. This will take place before the presentation at 6.45pm but please be there by 6.30pm. Those of you who have played in our competitions and wish to eat with us please email me on as soon as possible, or text me on 07980 536246, I do need to know numbers for the caterer. Thank you.
For those of you who haven’t played in our competitions please e-mail me to let me know if you will be attending or not and if any extra family members will be coming as I need an idea as to how many seats need to be set out. Thank you.
All junior members attending who have not played in official competitions will be awarded for their continued attendance throughout the season.
Look forward to seeing you all on the 10th October.

Doug Pickering (Junior Organiser)

Renovations update

The plan for the renovations has been changed significantly as the weather has turned out to be awful.

The hollow coring was carried out on Monday 4th Sept. The collection of the cores took much longer than hoped due to the heavy rain on Monday night and Tuesday morning. As a result of all this rain it was decided that we would scarify before topdressing. This was carried out on Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th of Sept. The topdressing then took place on the 6th & 7th. 36 tonnes of sand has been spread so far and the rain has done a great job at filling the grooves and holes. The next topdressing will take place as soon as we get a break in the rain. 
It may be that if the weather breaks that we can also carry out our deep compaction relief within the next few weeks and also put a heavy dressing down with that work. 
I will update the post as things are confirmed and put into place.