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Work on the greens, September

The heavy and intensive work on the greens has now been completed.
This week we have carried out our deep decompaction relief with 19mm tines used to a depth of 9 inches, 10 degrees of heave was used. The weather was not all that great even though it was dry during the working days on Monday and Tuesday. The damp ground and morning fog caused more problems as the sand did not dry once on the ground.
The topdresssing has been completed and brushed in, once we have had some more rain to help wash the sand down we will look at dressing any greens with remaining holes. At the moment we have used around 66 tonnes of sand with 30 still in the bay to be used as needed over the next few weeks.
Any areas of damage to the greens and surrounds is being repaired now that the seed can germinate without being lifted out with other work. We are now hoping for some good growing weather to help the greens recover before the winter and the grass growth really starts to slow down.
I thank you all for your understanding and patience whilst we carried out the work and now hopefully we can have little or no disruption for the rest of the year.